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At Heavy Trucks Canada we make export easy!

We purchase heavy trucks from all corners of North America, so that option and value always shine through. Whether your truck is from Canada or the United States, our team will put you in the driver’s seat.

This ensures that we acquire the widest range of trucks in both the United States and Canada, with the ability to deliver you an inventory featuring all brands and models. The best selection of pre-owned trucks will ensure that Heavy Trucks Canada will be the only tool you need to get you on the road or to expand your fleet. We ensure that option and value is always the primary focus for our clients.

Above all else, Heavy Trucks Canada is committed to providing our clients with: the Widest Inventory, Lowest Possible Prices and Quality Trucks – finding the perfect match for each and every customer. How do we make sure each and every client is matched with the perfect truck? Simple, Heavy Trucks Canada works tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. Our clients love us because they get both quality and price, picked from a region covering all of North America. At the heart of the best purchasing experience with Heavy Trucks Canada is our acquisition process.

The team at Heavy Trucks Canada is able to find a truck to suit your price range with the help of continent wide acquisition. Whether the quality semi tractor in your budget is across the country or if it is across the border where you can take advantage of the strong exchange rate, we will not rest until you are satisfied and on the road!


All American titled trucks are purchased and domiciled in the United States, making it ultra easy for you to trade in your truck against an export deal. This is an industry leading instrument that allows us the ability to help you maximize the full financial potential in your truck purchase. PAY great prices, and GET great prices!


Whether you are in the United States or overseas, our company makes your customs experience painless. We handle all of the paperwork on your behalf ensuring a no – hassle experience when you register the truck at your local DMV. Coupled with over 20 years experience exporting equipment to the United States, and a passion for customer service, we are sure to surpass your expectations and prove just how easy export can be. Let us take the worry out of your purchase.


All Canadian titled trucks are exported to the United States quickly and painlessly. Thus allowing you to take full advantage of your strong US dollar, and Canada’s great specs and prices, without the hassle and burden of international customs. With two Canadian locations positioned just outside the US border, our company lives up to it’s promise every time!

Who else can offer the selection, prices and quality that Heavy Trucks Canada offers? No one!

At Heavy Trucks Canada, we make buying easy!

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